Hult Prize Foundation全球大學商業提案競賽 12/15臺大校內初選

世界最大商業競賽Hult Prize今年12月15日將第一次於臺大舉行校內初選,管理學院--GMBA企業管理碩士專班邀各位同學來參加此世界頂尖的商業競賽。

Hult Prize是世界上最大的大學商業計劃競賽是由美國Hult Prize Foundation發起的全球大學商業提案競賽,透過每年提供一組100萬美金的高額創業競賽獎金,鼓勵各國大學、研究生學生關注和參與社會影響力創新創業議題,思考用商業創意來解決包含難民、人類饑荒、能源危機等重大全球發展議題,並且在畢業後善用這筆創業獎金,持續推動方案落實成為社會企業。2015年來自臺灣的團隊IMPCT就是全球百萬獎金的得主之一。


With this information, I would like to send our greetings and share with you the event “Hult Prize @NTU” supported by the United Nations (UN), Hult International Business School and Clinton Initiative.Hult Prize @NTU gives students the opportunity to

1. Pitch your start-up idea and compete to secure a place in the regional finals next year globally. All you need to do is START WITH AN IDEA to win the Hult Prize @NTU and stand a chance to win the grand prize of USD 1,000,000 as you enter the finals.

2. This competition gives you the opportunity to express yourself in English and travel abroad. Having "input" all these years in college, this is the BEST opportunity to have an ''output'' of your ideas!3. How to compete? Form a team of 3~4 to come out with a just an idea as a solution to the theme for this year “Harnessing the Power of Energy to transform people’s lives." All you need is an idea to win! 

4. Register online on our official page:

5. Stay updated for further information and workshops on our FB page:

6. Compete on Dec 15, 2017, in front of a panel of judges.

If you have any question, do not hesitate to contact us.Jordan Yong, Hult Prize @NTU Director